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Landscape Lighting Design - Orange County, CA

Lytle Landscape Construction is one of Orange County's leading landscape lighting design specialists. I use only the highest quality commercial grade materials and the smartest designs!

Not only does a good landscape lighting job add value to your home, it adds drama to the landscape and makes your out door living space even more enjoyable. Clients are always surprised at how amazing lighting can affect the mood of their yard, and wonder how they every got along with out it! Landscape lighting is often the favorite aspect of a complete landscape for many of our clients.

Tip: I use only multi-tap stainless steel transformers to ensure an even light distribution. With standard 12 volt transformers, lights can lose voltage as they get farther away from the transformer resulting in dimmer and dimmer lights. Or multi-tap transformer cures this condition, allowing us to start each wire run at a voltage higher than 12-volts depending on the length of the run. When used with a wiring "hub" method, our clients end up with 12-volts for each light, creating an even light distribution. The affect is stunning!

See below for more of our landscape lighting designs!


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